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lippo Homes

Lippo Homes’ mission as a real estate development company is “to delight customers by providing quality life spaces through continuous innovation”.  Lippo Homes has established itself as the key player in the Indonesian real estate industry.


As a business, Lippo Homes’ basic purpose is to provide an enhanced lifestyle coupled with sustainable environment wherever we work.

And, as a responsible corporate citizen, quality, value and sustainability are integral parts of our business and working strategy. We aspire to be the market leader by offering iconic and world-class property developments throughout Indonesia. The core objective of Lippo Homes is to create a real estate development business that offers world-class property development skills while maximising financial returns.

The company is recognised for its quality construction, ethical and transparent business practices, and high standards of maintenance of properties. Lippo Homes has pioneered the concept of high quality, innovative property developments in Indonesia.

Marketing : 0812 12 888 000 (anton)

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